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Trichoscopy is a handheld Trichoscope application that captures images and now evaluated as saved photos on the computer screen. This Trichoscopy can block light reflection from the skin surface without immersion gels or alcohol. The dates and times of photo captured have stored automatically.

TrichoScan software is used to automatically calculate important parameters of hair growth, such as hair density or thickness from the images. It can be used for studying AGA or other forms of diffuse hair loss, and it can be adopted to study the effect of drugs or laser treatment on Hypertrichosis.
  • This technique measures hair loss quantitatively
  • Measures the hair density
  • Measures hair thinning
  • Measures the ratio of growing hairs to thinning hairs
  • Differentiates between temporary and semi permanent types of hair loss
  • German Patented Technology
  • Topical Treatments and some nutritional supplements can be prescribed based on these results

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