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Essential Option, Home Care Kit

In today's world, we are in the mode of having a strict routine with our work life. We all have a problem of finding the right balance between worklife and selfcare. When it comes to hair care routine, finding the right solution takes time, but there are some ways you can find the right solution with proper treatment in the hands of an expert and follow ups. When it comes to maintenance and care, we need to follow the protocols given by the doctors strictly. In some un avoidable situations, we have the problem of accessing the treatments because of long-distance travelling and comfort. Vcare has planned a brilliant way to access the same premium treatment by staying at home, which is know as "Home Care Kit".
"Home care kits can be accessible anywhere, thus acts as your hair care specialist". VCare's ultimate solution and a great option to access our care at home.
A wide range of home care kits with essential hair care products provided to consumers who feel difficult in travelling and accessing our treatments. This Homecare package offers premium products with the comfort of our clients in mind while not forgetting their convenience.


VCare's specialized RTK kit is formulated using herbal extract, aroma oils and similar essentials. It is more accompanied with curing scalp disorders which will revive the hair growth by arresting the hair fall concerns. On the whole, this can be termed a preventive method for hair fall.

Rejuvenation Therapy Kit - AGA

Our essential kit helps in rejuvenating hair, specially developed with utmost care to treat Androgenetic Alopecia, the products are enriched with aroma oils, vegetable and herbal extracts which are capable of blocking DHT, stimulating hair follicles and enhancing microcirculation.

Rejuvenation Therapy Kit - DHL

Our effective kit is for hair loss occurring due to various reasons like dandruff, metabolic disorders, improper blood circulation, etc. It is especially given in people experiencing Diffused Hair Loss. The products are enriched with aroma oils, vegetables and herbal extracts which are capable of stimulating hair follicles and nourishing hair roots

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