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With a shift in the lifestyle habits and adverse effects of it in the physiology of humans, mainly men on a higher notion is on its peak leading to notable changes in the body, especially hair. Apart from these, nutritional deficiency, essential vitamins and mineral deficiency, hereditary patterns are other reasons for the changes in the body. While hair fall and baldness is given more importance, another factor is the greying hairs during the mid-life of an individual, which is too early and poses a threat.

The proper functioning of the liver is vital for this mechanism of producing enough catalyse to compensate for the free radical accumulation. While this liver is prone to improper functioning, the catalyse is not made enough, and as a result, the hydrogen peroxide stays within the body, causing a bleaching effect on the hair. This bleached effect is the appearance of grey hairs.


Tricho Haem capsule VCare

Tricho heals capsules enriched with iron, ginseng and ginger extract, and essential minerals are formulated to increase microcirculation and blood flow. And will regulate the clotting process, thereby providing a boost to the scalp and works well for re-pigmentation.


Hair Zyme Capsule VCare

Hair zyme capsules exclusively prepared using melon extract are the best way to fight the free radicals and even destroy them. By eliminating the free radicals, there is no more bleaching effect to the hair and will prevent premature hair greying and maintain the anti-oxidant levels.


Grow Hair Capsule VCare

Since a nourishing liver activity is essential for the proper hair growth and battle the hair-related concerns, the dandelion and stinging nettle infused extracts are proven to perform the cell renewal function. Along with this, the inclusion of beta-sitosterol maintains the lower cholesterol level and ensures vital nourishment on the whole, along with other vitals.


Bio Cat Capsule VCare

Bio cat is an acid-resistant capsule that will help improve metabolism by breaking through the acidic environment in the stomach. This creates a resistance to acidity and increases bio availability, thereby making essential supplements more viable.

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