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The most common measuring instrument today is ICP-mass spectrometer. It is a highly sophisticated hybrid, a computer-controlled machine costing several crores. It is not a "home or office unit". Any doctor who runs this test in his office is not using the same equipment and results may not be as accurate.

Mostly, the dissolved sample is burned at a high temperature. Each mineral gives off a characteristic spectrum or frequencies of light, which is picked up by sensitive detectors in the measuring instrument. Calibration and precise control of the flame temperature are essential to obtain accurate readings.

In India, VCare is amongst the renowned multi specialty chain of aesthetics to provide international standard hair mineral analysis test.

Measure the levels of essential minerals and toxic metals

  • Most precise method for hair diagnostics
  • Very crucial to identify
  • Hair Loss due to nutritional deficiencies
  • Hair Loss due to toxicity
  • HMA can predict the most accurate causes for hair loss.
  • It can identify the physical disorders and mental conditions that can cause hair loss.
  • Treatments based on “Hair Mineral Analysis” are more precise and they deliver the best results.
  • Requirement of additional nutritional supplementation and dietary corrections are identified.
Hair Mineral Analysis sample

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