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Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for many people, causing feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity and loss of confidence. The physical change of hair loss can be a constant reminder of the loss and can affect a person's daily life. But with the help of the right solution, proper care and maintenance, you can grow your hair naturally.

Photobiostimulation Hair Growth Therapy is one such treatment that uses advanced science to stimulate hair growth. The treatment is a combination of four different energies - Optical Energy, Biological Energy, Thermal Energy, and Electro. Below are the energies briefed in detail.

  • Optical Energy - The Hair growth therapy uses infrared light that aids in microcirculation, while the blue light used here acts effectively against the fungal infections on the scalp. Also, the laser works at a subcellular level in energy production.
  • Biological Energy - The PBS hair growth therapy uses the latest equipment, biotechnological ingredients, and a shuttle of nano actives that helps in deeper penetration and brings out effective results.
  • Thermal Energy - The usage of thermal rejuvenation gel in PBS Hair growth therapy aids in releasing heat which in turn increases the flow of blood.
  • Electro - The usage of microcurrent in PBS Hair Growth Therapy assist in opening the pores. This allows the products to work deeper into the scalp and produce effective results.

VCare’s PBS Hair Growth Therapy is the first to use nano actives for its hair growth treatment. To form these nano actives - nano sulphur, nano zinc, and nano silver, we use a unique Green Technique, an environmentally friendly technology that predominantly uses plant products.

The nano actives tend to go deep into your scalp and will have more effect. This, in turn, will strengthen your hair follicles, eventually preventing hair fall and promoting healthy and natural hair growth.



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