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The Tale of VCare

Our Journey

Two decades strong & growing stronger with each passing year.

With the intention of transforming people into more confident versions of themselves, our VCare Hair and Skin Clinics set foot into the world of trichology in 2004 as a modest clinic in Chennai, later expanding our wings to various services and other parts of India. Since then, we have taken pride in providing unparalleled services regarding hair and skin disorders, slimming, body contouring, salons, spas and hair transplantation.

Aspiring to bring forth treatments that are safe yet incomparable in results, we went the extra mile in formulating our regimens and products in-house by harmonising cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art technology. Our manufacturing facility, “VCare Pharcos”, founded in 2008, is where we meticulously craft our merchandise with the finest ingredients to elevate our therapies.

Going forward with our belief that a thorough diagnosis of hair issues is the key to finding the best and customised solution, we went through extensive research and established our very own Hair Mineral Analysis Facility in 2011, the first of its kind in India. This empowered us to deliver optimum and risk-free solutions that fit seamlessly with our clients.

VCare’s trademark lies in our advanced skin treatments and hair transplantation services. After strenuous research by the masterminds of VCare, we launched various indigenous-developed treatments. We also set up VCare Super Speciality Clinics in Chennai and Hyderabad, curated explicitly for designated treatments.

In 2011, VCare Herbal Concepts (P) Limited, the marketing & distribution division of VCare, was founded. It retails a wide range of personal care products infused with the goodness of nature at affordable prices without compromising on quality. In subsequent years, our products gained worldwide recognition, and we are now exporting our products to over 29 countries like the US, UK, Australia, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Canada, Oman and some European countries.

Over the years, we have redefined our unique innovations to suit our clients' personalised needs to render them the pinnacle of service. From the first hello to the final goodbye, our commitment to giving only the best has made us more than 50 clinics strong, along with 2 super-speciality clinics spread over 30 different cities.

Along with the applause of our cherished clients, the prestigious awards we have been bestowed withstand as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team. We have also been certified by various organisations like ISO 9001, ISO 22716, GMP, Halal and IAO. In a world that thrives on appearances and insecurities, we are happy to be the reason behind the confident smiles of many.


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Our Visionary Mentor

Mrs Praba Reddy, the founder and chairperson of VCare Groups, manifested her idea of reversing “irreversible” baldness into reality. From being a teacher in Pondicherry in 1991, her fervour for trichology fueled her to make a drastic career shift.

Devoting herself to the pursuit of her passion, she completed a course at the International Association of Trichologists in Australia, along with training courses in Aromatherapy, herbal cosmetology, make-up, etc.

Overcoming countless milestones, she became the 1st trichologist in South India and the 6th trichologist in India. Her empowering ideas and ability to think outside the box set her apart, leading to one success after another.

Not just stopping at providing world-class services; she also believed in enriching others with her knowledge. She took the initiative to inaugurate VCare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences to offer scholarly courses on Trichology, Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing.

Putting good use of the power of the media, she has done a great deal of shows to illuminate people about hair and skin issues which have gained recognition worldwide. As a leader, she had always envisioned continuous growth, and by pouring in her efforts, she has never failed to achieve it.

By placing the needs of her clients and employees before herself, she has gathered immense support and love along the way and has now established VCare as an icon where dreams are woven into reality.

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