Published on September 15 2021 | By Dharani Senthilkumar

hair transplant


Ask a hundred men how they feel about their bald look; only a handful would accept how they look, and others will be hunting for alternative solutions like hair transplantation, wigs to cure baldness. There is no wrong with being bald. But if it haunts a man about his future, this piece will take it away. And show the best solutions for the win.


Activated Follicular transplant or AFT treatment for hair is the permanent solution for baldness, followed by maintenance procedures later. As we are already aware of the reasons and pattern of thinning and hair fall in male pattern and female pattern conditions, let us look into the procedure and its many goods.

When it comes to AFT treatment for hair, it is transplanting your own hair and not from anyone else’s. A simple procedure is possible if a person suffers from baldness and still has some healthy hair left on their head. The area where the hair is still existing is called the donor area, and this region is healthy and free from DHT receptors. So hair grafts from the donor region will be extracted and activated using a PRP solution and a stem cell infused solution. This is to activate the hair graft for implanting in the recipient area. The recipient area is the bald region which will be receiving hair grafts from the donor region.


The procedure starts by giving local anaesthesia. Then extracts the hair grafts from the donor area using titanium tip implanters. The next step is to immerse the hair grafts in a PRP solution or stem cell solution to activate the extracted follicle.

Our surgeons practice a machine-based approach to ensure that the puncture wound is less than 1 mm. This precision is essential to keep infections minimal. Say if the puncture wound is more than 1.75mm as in other clinics. The healing time takes much and chances of scarring on the scalp is possible.

Also, by pressuring the scalp, the hair follicles tend to damage in the process.

By way of our treatment, the puncture wound is less than 1mm with significantly less scarring. This is subjective to individuals and requires a day’s downtime at the most.

The highlighting feature is that for every 300-350 implants, our doctors will replace the tip to keep the procedure free of infections and more sterile, considering the safety of our clients. Moreover, the implant precision tends to become blunt for every 300-350 implants.

A motorised approach by the doctors. Meaning, the implants will be on the same level for every punch. And that the punctured wounds will be on the same level and ensures an even blood supply.

Post this implantation, within 3 months, less visible hair is achievable, and in the 8-10 months, visible hair growth will be visible to the extent of 90 percent, keeping a record of our clients in the past.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for a forever kind of a problem, think not to choose VCare, the best hair clinic for transplantation. With years of expertise and efficient surgeons, we are waiting to transform you with our hair transplantation from bald to walking with the pride and happiness you desire.