How VCare Helped Srinivas Regrow His Hair In 3 Months?

Published on September 22, 2023 | Written By Nasreen Julyha

Meet Mr. Itha Srinivasa Rao, a Zumba Instructor from Hyderabad, Telangana. 

Srinivas is someone who is passionate about dance, fitness, and helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. The genuine love for Zumba the energy and enthusiasm it brings to the class are quite infectious. 

But lately, this energy and enthusiasm that helped motivate his students to participate wholeheartedly in the Zumba session started to go downhill.

And that's when the untimely hurdles made their entrance into Srinivas’ life!

The Untimely Hurdles!

While enthusiastically practising his Zumba classes, Srinivas started to go through Hairloss.

The hairloss became so bad that it eventually turned into baldness. Losing hair made him lose his confidence and enthusiasm in his Zumba Class. His hairloss could be a cause of the bore water used in his house or due to external factors as well.

Hairloss and Baldness have been his condition for quite some time now. At the age of 36, married and blessed with two kids, Mr. Srinivas started to look older than he actually was.

Best Treatment for Hair Loss

In order to hide his baldness from people, Srinivas began to wear a cap whenever he stepped out of his house or found himself in a crowd. He even tried and applied hair oil twice a week and washed his hair twice a week.

He neither used any hair products nor did he use a dryer to dry his hair. He refrained from taking up any chemical treatments for hair as well.

Srinivas didn’t stop there. But along with that, he began to consider trying on wigs to cover up his bald head.

Even after doing all this and sleeping for 7- 8 hours a day, it also didn’t seem to work for him. His hair continued to fall and appeared to be dry. His diffused hair loss condition didn’t seem to stop.

Upon giving this a serious thought, he realised that the route to regain his confidence and enthusiasm was by finding a permanent solution to gain back his lost hair growth. A solution that stimulates his hair growth and strengthens his hair follicles.

Something that makes him look his age.

So, that's when he started his research to find the best treatment for hairloss and baldness that would bring back his lost enthusiasm.

The Quest for the Best Treatment for Hairloss!

Srinivas was firm on not trying hair products based on marketing, nor was he ready to spend any more time on home remedies.

He wanted something that would work on the deeper layer of the scalp and foster healthy hair growth. Firstly, he did not have a big budget to spend. Secondly, he wanted to try something that actually works and gets the desired results.

That’s when he saw a television advertisement on Zee Cinema for VCare Hair and Skin Clinic.

He immediately had to reach out to the online encyclopedia, Google! He checked for its results, testimonials, and Google reviews before stepping in for a consultation.

When he checked the other clinics, he found them expensive or they did not have successful testimonials.

With that, he decided to take a chance at VCare, which had the best ratings and reviews for its treatments and hospitality.

Srinivas feels that choosing VCare was the best decision he’s ever made.

The Upshot!

One fine day, Mr. Srinivas stepped into VCare Clinics for a consultation. He was very delighted with their hospitality and took a consultation. 

The haircare experts there did a thorough microscopic scalp analysis and a Trichoscan. This explained to him the condition of his scalp. Furthermore, the Trichoscan showed him exactly the number of hair growing from a pore. 

They found that just one or two hairs growing from a single pore. His scalp condition was quite terrible but not untreatable. 

After checking his scalp condition, the haircare experts suggested the Biocell 360° treatment, a 360° approach treatment and one of VCare’s trademark treatments. This was best for people suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. 

The Biocell 360° uses Argan plant stem cells in nano-encapsulated form, along with growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and cosmeceutical ingredients that penetrate deeper into the scalp’s subcellular level and strengthen the hair roots. 

Apart from the six sessions of biocell, they suggested an INVACare kit, a post-treatment regimen that contained the supplements and products required to heal the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.

Best Treatment for Hair Loss

The INVACare kit comprised a Hair Growth Shampoo, Daycare/Nightcare Lotion, and nutritional supplements like Hair Vital and INVACare+ capsules. All these products are rich in ingredients like procapil, biotin, pyridoxine, copper tripeptide, MSM, and a few more excellent ingredients that help quicker scalp healing and stimulate new, healthy hair growth.

Along with that, Hair Nourish Oil, Anti-Dandruff Vitaliser and a few other nutritional supplements were suggested to retain the effects of the treatment. Also, to enhance the results.

Srinivas took up six sessions of the Biocell 360° Treatment. He made sure to come to the clinic for his follow-up sessions regularly.

The most important of all is that Srinivas adhered to the lifestyle adjustments that were suggested to him.

Within 3 months, Mr. Srinivas turned out to look like a man of his age.

Let’s hear from Srinivas himself! 

“I felt really bad, and also I was ready to get myself a wig.
But right now, I don’t need that. My hair grows well, and I’m happy.”  

Hair Regrowth Treatment

He noticed increased hair growth, and what was once a bald spot turned out to be a spot of healthy hair growth. 

He no longer found the need to wear a cap or look for a wig. 

He proudly told all his students who enquired about his changeover that it was all because of VCare! He’s extremely grateful for coming across VCare. 

Look here to see how excited Srinivas is, and he explains how VCare has changed his life in the best way possible. 

VCare - A Blessing!

VCare has given Mr. Srinivas the confidence and enthusiasm he missed for his Zumba class.

The advanced technology and ingredients used in the Biocell treatment have produced phenomenal results for him.

Srinivas is now cheerfully conducting his Zumba class sessions without any worries about his looks.