Published on December 3, 2021 | By Dharani Senthilkumar


Hair replacement is a solace procedure for people who worry about having a bald head. Also, it’s important to highlight that cosmetic hair replacement is the last stop. And for those who have had too much hair fall, there’s no other way but to choose non-surgical restoration.

Cosmetic hair replacement is suggestible to people who are in the sixth and later grades of baldness. As the possibility of extracting hair from a donor’s hair is not merely possible, the non-surgical restoration will be the right pick. It also serves as a delicate alternative to the old school hair patches and wigs. 

The donor region is the hair that is on the back of one’s head. In many cases, the donor hair will remain stable as the crown part is where the androgen receptors reside and cause too much hair fall.

For one to be an eligible candidate for a hair transplant procedure, the most important criteria are a good amount of hair above their hairline. To know in detail about the hair transplant procedure, click here.

Most importantly, all the hair is lab testable and will never cause any allergic reactions to the scalp. But a mild irritation is normal, post-procedure as the scalp needs time to adjust to the newness. It’s pretty normal and can last up to 2-3 days.


  • A complete guide is presentable to the client concerning the hair replacement.
  • After analysing the medical history, the doctor will proceed with the treatment.
  • The area where hair has to be replaced is marked. Close to 7-8 angles will be marked on the region.
  • The Remi hair is then replaceable in the bald area with sufficient adhesive to stay firm. The affixed hair is placed in such a way that the scalp has enough space to breathe for itself without facing any difficulties.

Remi hair is nothing but processed human hair that is appropriately procured with care and maintained. Certainly, the hair is placeable as per the individual’s hair replacement or patchy hair loss area requirement.

Cosmetic hair replacement is not only for those who have completely lost their hair. But also for those suffering from patchy hair loss. If the donor area is not viable for hair transplantation, the clients may opt non-surgical restoration method.

Hair replacement for women also happens the same way as for men. There are no restrictions concerning gender differences.

But if a person has scalp allergies, or is prone to allergic reactions due to external factors or topical applications, then non-surgical restoration is not advisable. But if a particular concern is curable, then after curing, the CHR can do done.

The complexion of the hair is customisable as per the client’s requirement. If there is proper maintenance, the hair replacement will stay for 2-3 years without any disruption.


  • Never pluck your hair post-procedure as it may disturb the positioning.
  • Switch from chemical infused shampoos to the hair care routine the doctor suggests to avoid complications.
  • If your lifestyle involves too much exposure to the sun, then Cosmetic hair replacement is not a viable solution. The reason is that over-accumulation of dirt or dust on the treated scalp may cause unwanted complications and itching.
  • We suggest washing your hair even with the shampoo that we offer as the life of the patch will sustain longer.


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