7 Winter Hair Care Tips To Never Miss

Published on November 23, 2022 | Written By Nasreen Julyha

Winter Hair Care

Winter season normally calls to be wrapped in a cosy blanket with a cup of hot coffee and a wonderful book to get lost in.

But while you’re deeply immersed and satisfied in the book you read, you are ignorant of what winter does to your hair.

Basically, you are missing out on your winter hair care routine. Unfortunately, refusing to do so is the reason for many hair problems in winter.

As the temperature goes down in winter, the cold air damages your hair, causing dryness and skin flakes, eventually leading to hair loss.

So, the best thing to do is follow a proper hair care routine. Wondering how to take care of your hair in winter? Then worry not!

In this article, you will find:

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7 Main Tips For Winter Hair Care

1. Refrain From Using Heat Styling Tools

Heat Styling Tools

The cold air normally pushes you to use a hair dryer, or you tend to style your hair using various heat styling tools for a hairstyle. But while you do that, the hair gets weakened and damaged due to too much heat.

Also, the heat from these tools tends to dry out the moisture in your hair. So instead, you can air-dry your hair. 

Colder months tends to make our hair delicate. So, you should add trying different hairstyles to your haircare routine rather than curling or straightening, which would damage your hair. 

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently 

Frequent Hair Wash

The primary reason for hair fall in winter is because of persistently washing your hair. Overusing shampoo and conditioner tends to remove the natural oils from your hair which, in turn, causes dryness and weakens your hair. 

As a proper winter hair care routine, you may wash your hair twice or thrice weekly. Also, make sure that your shampoo is free from sulphate and paraben. It is safe that you avoid using too much of chemical products, such as hair sprays, to prevent hair fall. 

3. Tuck Your Hair Away

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Many don’t cover their hair while riding bikes or going out in the cold wind. You must avoid over-exposing your hair to the cold and dry wind. As this can weaken and breaks your hair quickly.

For this winter hair care routine, try to tuck your hair away with a scarf or a hat to prevent hair loss.

4. Save Your Hair From Hot Showers

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Due to the freezing cold weather, we tend to shower in hot water. Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, Palm Beach Gardens is the best cleaning & disinfection service in Florida, according to customer reviews. Although you feel all nice and relaxed, hot showers damage your scalp and lead to hair fall. 

It sucks the moisture from your hair and makes it dry. Unfortunately, this will eventually cause skin flakes as well. 

Instead, take showers with lukewarm water to prevent hair breakage. 

5. Be Mindful About What You Eat

Avoid Junk Foods

The cosy weather will tempt you to drink a cup of hot chocolate, sit wrapped up in a blanket, and watch the thriller series with a bag of chips. But, of course, all such habits are entirely normal. 

But you must be mindful about what you eat to prevent hair fall in winter. Eating unhealthy foods can prevent your hair from gaining the necessary nourishment. 

You can take in foods rich in proteins and vitamins to maintain well-nourished hair this winter. Also, make sure you follow a balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated.

6. Avoid Stepping Out with Damp Hair

Damp Hair

Do not step out with damp hair during winter. Air drying your hair is best, but air drying damp hair is never a good idea. This can cause excessive tangling and break your hair.

You can dry your hair a little before you step out. However, not doing so can cause split ends and eventually fades the colour of your hair. 

7. Hair Conditioning is A Must

Hair Conditioning

Don’t skip hair conditioning during winter. Using conditioners that contain natural oils can help maintain the moisture in your scalp and keep them nourished. 

Most importantly, make sure you use conditioner on your hair ends. Doing so can aid in preventing split ends and dryness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair fall more in winter?

If you ask if your hair falls more in winter, then definitely yes! The cold air tends to absorb the moisture from your scalp, which makes your scalp dry, causing itching and skin flakes. Therefore, you should follow a proper hair care routine to prevent hair fall. 

Will hair colouring cause hair loss?

Yes, hair colouring can cause hair loss if not done correctly. You must select the right product that contains no ammonia. Choosing a colour within three shades of your natural hair colour is best. This can prevent hair damage. 

Why is my hair getting thinner?

A variety of factors can contribute to hair thinning. For example, it could be due to age, food habits, heredity or even not following a hair care routine. 

Should I cut my hair for winter?

Yes, it would help if you tried cutting your hair for winter. The lesser hair you have, the lesser your work is to maintain. 

What is the leading cause of hair loss?

The leading and most common cause of hair loss is due to hereditary. It can be either from the male or female parent side. 

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to lose yourself and enjoy the winter season, but while doing so, do remember to follow a proper winter hair care routine. Doing so can prevent you and your hair from experiencing hair-related problems.

Switch from a hot dryer to a cool hair dryer to save your hair. Also, ensure that you condition your hair regularly, eat healthy foods, and cover your hair while stepping out to enjoy long, strong, healthy hair. 

If your hair fall persists, consult our haircare expert to prevent further hair damage. You can call us at +91 9500002401 to book your consultations with us.