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Ultratone Face (UK Technology)

See the face you love light up with young look

Non-surgical facelifts now at Vcare have grown in popularity with celebrities, socialites and now ordinary women opting not to go under the knife, but instead experience Bioenergy stimulation on the facial skin. We all know that as we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture, becoming drier, losing elasticity and showing the impact of the sun and the environment. Genetics also plays a major part in the standard of our skin, and in tandem with environmental factors, our natural defences against ageing are minimised. Most women are concerned with wrinkles, uneven tone and texture of the skin, a dull appearance, age spots and blotches, visible pores and dry skin.

How we do?

Pioneered by Ultratone, the specific Non-Surgical Facelift Bioenergy Program at Vcare combines dermal rejuvenation toning with perfect muscle lifting sequences to tighten and firm the contours of the face muscles to reduce the visible signs of ageing, Microcurrents for Electroporation, Ultrasound for Tissue Regeneration and Biostimulation for Muscle Lifting and Toning.

Included in the Facial Plus are:

  • Micro current Electroporation Skin Rejuvenation Program
  • Non-surgical Muscle & skin face lift program
  • Lymphatic Drainage & Toxin Reduction program
  • Anti-Ageing & Maintenance program

How it works?

From improving overall complexion by stimulating an even blood flow to the subcutaneous tissue, smoothing out wrinkles, reducing impurities and puffiness with adetox lymphatic drainage, to tightening and lifting muscles, Ultratone's fast acting Facial treatment will achieve a total lift in all the sagging areas.

Ultratone Body (Uk Technology)

Vcare Ultra tone offers you every facial improvement you desire. Just see what Ultra tone can do for you in a 30 minute treatment. Lie back and relax whilst Ultra tone does the Beauty.

Non Surgical Facelift Programs will exercise and lift the facial muscles, reducing fine lines and toning saggy skin.

Anti-Ageing Smooth and Tone will enhance the production of collagen and elastin, toning and lifting deep muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage and Toxin Release will activate the lymph nodes to drain out extra fluids and toxins for a clear complexion.

Wrinkle Reduction will be achieved by tightening sagging facial muscles and smoothing out the skin.

Smile again will vastly improve the area around the mouth, making your smile radiant and young again.

Micro current Ultra cell will energise the active ingredients in creams and gels to rejuvenate & tone the skin; ideal for improving texture and elasticity.

Maintenance programs will ensure that all the benefits and results achieved are sustained.


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