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Hi i'm latha, It was very good experience. Immediately after few treatment sittings, I got good results and i experience natural hair growth. Sujatha gave me much confident for hair treatment and she cared me to improve my hair condition.Thank you very much Sujatha garu for taking care of my hair and for making a wonderful improvement. Thank you very much! Vcare.
Treatment: Biocell +Chrt After hearing these treatment names, i have zero knowledge in them but the trichologist explained me everything and made me understand about the treatments they have suggested me. I felt very confident and agreed and you wont believe the treatment was effective. They took all the necessary precautions and the supplements improved hair growth. My doctor Fathima and therapists Sujitha & Swapna really gave their best, to produce good changes. The overall performance is very good.

VCare treatment is good and therapist took care very well. I'm really satisfied with the way they treated me, Even after the treatment results are very good; Rukumani did an amazing job. I am very happy about my treatment thanks to VCare and Rukumani.
There is no other words to express VCare's treatment, the way they have treated me is very kind and caring which made to explain my problem and then they have provided me a very good treatment, which is very good and especially therapists are too good in handling the complications. The hair fall is stopped after that and there is lot more improvement in my hair growth. Thanks for the treatment.

My name is Abishek Reddy, I have been facing dandruff for very long time then slowly i started to lose my hair, i felt very bad about myself, i lost my self confidence. i felt like a nightmare because everything happened very fast. then one day i get to know about VCare from social networking site immediately i booked an appointment. After approaching Vcare still i felt unsure but the doctors and therapists in VCare treated me very especially Dr. Masthan Basha suggested me Biocell and PR, The results are very good and i start to face good improvement, and my dandruff problem was cleared after few sittings Thanks to Vcare.