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After getting Treatment from VCare my hair has grow naturally, Since then i started to feel confident at myself especially therapist Vyshnavi has treated me very well. By her's treatment my hair fall problem has stopped completely and now I am feeling more happier. Doctor Shrujana guided me and gave proper suggestions which i followed strictly. She explained the various types of hair fall and what type of diet that I should follow. that helped me to recover and i started to gain natural hair growth then later I got confidence over the VCare treatments. Therapist Vyshnavi clarified my doubts and explained how to use shampoo, oil and roller in an effective way. She treated me with respect, politeness. She covered her treatment on my whole scalp that helped my hair to gain strength, baby hair too growing along with all hairs and it grows naturally, . Thanks to therapist, Vyshnavi.
I'm from Krishnagiri my name is C. Periyasamy, i was facing hair shedding problem for long time, i have used various remedy products from online, after using those products i satrted to experience more hair fall than before and still i couldn't find the solution. Later i got to know about VCare from online then i booked an appointment. After visting the doctors made to do hair fall test, after knowing my condition they have explained me about the condition that helped me to understand what mistakes i have done in the past then they have given my such good advises that helped me to build my confidence even then they have prescribed me some supplements that helped me with my daily diet and also which gave me the better solutions. I was completely satisfied with the service of Vcare and especially Gajendhirana later i got recovered from all my hair problem which was lasted for very long. Thank you very much! VCare.

Myself I'm Sai Asrith, student of 10th class. At this tender age, the problem of hair fall and dandruff worried me a lot. As a school going boy I had many dreams to follow but after experiencing hair fall and its growth i started to lose my self confidence and all my dreams become impossible. I was worried at my condition my father took me to many clinics but i couldn’t find a satisfying result. As my last trail, I came to Vcare. Dr.Fathima had examined my hair and she filled me with new hopes and confidence. She advised me to take Biocell+CHRK treatment. There were 6 sittings in my treatment and I attended everything of it. I had followed the advice of Dr.Fathima and therapists Vyshnavi & Sunitha. Today after 6th sitting I feel completely satisfied. I had cured my dandruff and hair fall and felt the touch of my new hair, Thanks to Dr.Fathima and Therapists Vyshnavi & Sunitha.
Hi i'm Harish i have been facing hair fall for very long time i used multiple hair products from online to control but i have experienced more hair loss later i came to know about VCare and i booked an appointment. Now I feel better than before, your treatment was good my hair fall in controlled because of following doctors advise properly. Vcare has the best clinical treatment for hair, It changed my lifestyle completely and now my hair fall is controlled by this treatment. Thank you, Vcare team!

Hi i'm Anthony Mary Vcare, I have suffered from dandruff and hair fall very long time. After watching the TV AD, I have booked an appointment. After i went VCare and where the doctor consulted me and i get to known about my hair condition from there i received a proper treatment and undergone perfect care here in VCare. Good service imparts by Therapist Murugeswari.
Hi i'm Thilagavathi kannan, After VCare treatment is done in few sittings. My 50% of hair fall is stopped and later the prescribed supplements are helped me to experience health and natural hair growth. I got satisfied with this treatment especially Muthu Ramya and Murugeswari have treated me very well. Thanks for the VCare