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Q Switch Laser / Carbon Peel

Peel off your worries to feel fresh

Q Switch Laser has better penetration power but has fewer side effects as seen in other Lasers. We are using NDYAG Q switch laser machine is the best in the world. It works on the principle of photo acoustics. It has faster healing and very less down time. As conventional laser it has vast range of treatment option such as Tattoo removal, Acne scar removal, birth marks, skin whitening.

After consultation with aesthetic consultant about the condition and medical examination, number of session is decided. During procedure under a septic condition carbon nano particulate paste is applied over the treatment area. Let it dry for 15 minutes, after that energy is set according to skin type and start giving shots. Carbon burns away with a smoky smell. Client feels little of heat during procedure. After the procedure clean off the face and apply laser post care gel.


What are the side effects?

As such there are no side effects seen after Carbon peeling, one may feel little burning sensation and redness for some time after the procedure.

Time interval between the sessions?

A gap of 15-20 days is advisable depends on skin type.

Contraindications for Carbon peel?

Pregnant women, Lactating mother, patients on anti-psychotic medication, chemotherapy and the persons who have unrealistic expectations, dental implants.

Can I see results in a single session?

Visible changes you can see in a single session, but for better results you have to go for minimum of 5-6 sessions after consulting our Doctor.

Can I combine this treatment with other skin treatments?

Yes, you can combine with other treatments but not on the same day. Since this laser produces so much of heat during procedure.


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