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Pregnancy and Postpartum hair loss

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Postpartum hair loss is quiet common in women and lasts upto 6 months after delivery. This is due to the pregnancy hormone levels returning to normal.

Hair loss after pregnancy is the sudden and shedding sometimes happens in clumps.

Don't freak: You're not going bald, you're just getting back to normal. If you're breastfeeding, some of your extra hair may hang on to your scalp until you wean or start to supplement with formula or solids. But nursing or not, take comfort in knowing that by the time your baby is ready to blow out the candles on that first birthday cake (and has a full head of hair of his or her own, possibly), your catch-up hair loss will be finished, and your locks should be back to normal, too

While hair loss is alarming, it is treatable. Supplements and regular hair treatments will help you regain your pre pregnancy hair volume.


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