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Ultra Whitening Therapy Worth Rs 10620 Now at Rs 3499 only
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What is Ultra Whitening Therapy?

Ultra Whitening Therapy is a high-end treatment with which you can pamper your skin. At Vcare we have formulated a safe for skin. Ultra Whitening Therapy formula that has the best ingredients sourced from around the world which gives 100% results that are visible immediately. Vcare's Ultra Whitening Therapy treats the skin by Exfoliating, Improving skin tone evenly & making you look visibly younger with its anti ageing formula

Ultra Whitening Therapy suits best the dull and dry skin. It also offers effective results on the aging skin. Therefore, it is best known for its anti-aging benefits.

How does Ultra Whitening Therapy work?

Skin whitening is done by enhancing the facial skin tone through IV infusions of Super Antioxidant mixed drinks. Antioxidant cocktails are called as mother of all anti oxidants. An antioxidant is a molecule that represses the oxidation of different particles. It is a compound required as a coenzyme in oxidation-lessening responses in cells. It is a tripeptide got from glutamic corrosive, cysteine and glysine. Super Antioxidant mixed drinks are actually delivered by the liver. It is additionally found in organic products, vegetables and dinners.

Why Choose Vcare?

Vcare is among the renowned multispeciality chain of aesthetic clinics providing International standard U.S FDA approved treatments. We are ISO 9001-2008, have treated over 500,000 cases successfully and have over 17 years of experience in our operations. Gradually, we have expanded to 35 clinics and 2 Superspeciality Clinics across South India, ably supported by a team of 100+ experienced Trichologists, Cosmetologists, Surgeons and a service team with more than 1200 Hair & Skin experts. Specializing in Hair care, Skin care, slimming and cosmetology, we were founded by Ms.PRABA REDDY, our MD, who is the first certified Trichologist in South India and 6th in India from IAT, Sydney, Australia.

Benefits of Consultation

  • Vcare's Skin Whitening is the best in beauty industry matching international standards
  • Get Free beauty tips on how to reduce Acne, facial scarring, Facials & Everyday Make-up by our Doctors & Beauty Experts
  • Special discounts & offers on skin treatments will be made available exclusively to users who sign up during the month of April
  • Offer available for both men and women
  • Excellent track record of Zero side effects & Instant results
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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, since each individual has a different and unique body type.