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Master Hair Checkup

Usually, a health checkup will not include hair. But at Vcare, we believe that hair is an index of health. So in a master hair check up, we do many major tests to analyze the cause of hair problems, which include:

Physical Examination

To note scalp and hair health and quality

Microscopic Examination

To diagnose dandruff, sebum secretion, Pore density, Pitch (distance between two pores) and any other features.


Tricho Analysis

This method enables us to assess the hair formula i.e respective follicle counts in anlagen, catagen and telogen phase. The hair formula helps us in establishing severity of hair loss and selecting appropriate treatment.


Hair Mineral Analysis

This test is a simple way to determine if your symptoms are related to a mineral imbalance in your body. A hair mineral analysis reveals your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is used to design a comprehensive Mineral Power program to recover and improve your health



Why is a hair test essential?

  • Sampling is simple and non-invasive.
  • Since hair is a stable material that requires no special handling, samples may be sent via standard mail, therefore allowing hair analysis to be performed entirely from the comfort of one's own home.
  • It's cost-effective!

What Is Tested on a Hair Mineral Analysis?

A hair tissue mineral analysis tests for 37 nutritive minerals and toxic metals. It is a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair.

The hair is tested because it is one of many places the body dumps excess minerals and heavy metals for storage away from vital organs

Your hair sample is simply cut at the scalp by your practitioner or a friend. You need about 1.1 grams of hair to do the test. One inch (2.2cm) of hair will show what is being dumped into the hair over a three month period.

What does a Hair Mineral Analysis diagnose?

Hair mineral analyses are not medical tests. They are screening tests only and do not diagnose disease. However, a properly performed and interpreted hair analysis can reveal various mineral imbalances that indicate a tendency for various conditions. All of the mineral levels as a whole give a trained and experienced practitioner an idea of the condition of the various organs and the body as a whole.

Blood investigation report values may vary but hair mineral analysis the value of the minerals involved.

Conditions which may result or be aggravated by a mineral imbalance are:

Depression, Hypoglycemia, Hyperactivity, Headaches, Hypertension, Arthritis, Hair Loss, Anemia, Thyroid Disturbance, Prostate Disorders, Digestive Disturbance, Diabetes, Musculo-Skeletal Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease, Skin Rashes, Emotional Problems, Allergies, and More.

Who Needs a Hair Analysis?

Everyone should be tested to see what issues are going on in the body to which they may be unaware. Hair analysis can be used as a preventive tool by revealing mineral imbalances even before any health ailments become manifest. Hair analysis opens up a whole new vista for solving health ailments by recognizing your biochemical individuality.

Many who have finally found Mineral Power have tried many different therapies and treatments but have had little or no improvement in their condition. More commonly, the treatment simply mitigated their symptoms, not addressing the root cause of the illness or symptoms. Mineral Power addresses the root causes of illness, which is almost always related to nutritional deficiencies and heavy metal and chemical toxicity.

More importantly, anyone who has an illness for which there is not treatment or no explanation can be found is a perfect candidate to do a hair mineral analysis. A Mineral Power program, upon which a hair mineral analysis is based, will go a long way towards healing the body even if no explanation can be found medically.

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