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Dr Praba Reddy

Founder & Chairperson, VCare Groups

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  • VCare, the most trusted hair and skin clinic in India, is led by Mrs. Carolin Praba Reddy, renowned as one of India's top 10 leading trichologists. Our team comprises certified trichologists and experts in haircare and skincare, equipped with cutting-edge facilities and technologies spanning South India.
  • At VCare, our treatments and products are crafted in-house to ensure unparalleled service quality. Our signature treatments are our innovative non-surgical solutions which can cater to a wide range of concerns.
  • Our vast clientele exceeding 1.5 million, encompassing celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs, stands as a testament to our commitment. We take pride in making a meaningful difference in the lives of many by addressing their hair and skin concerns with utmost care and dedication.
  • Join us today and experience the transformative touch of VCare.

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Our 360° approach takes care of
you beyond treatments

At VCare, we take a 360° approach to provide holistic care that goes beyond just treatments.

From a customised consultation pinpointing the root cause of your concerns to tailored treatments and comprehensive home care plans, we have you covered every step of the way.

We are dedicated to going the extra mile to prioritise your overall health. In addition to our treatments, we offer personalised lifestyle recommendations and high-quality health supplements. We firmly believe that a healthy body is the key to achieving beautiful hair and skin.

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  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • Scientifically Proven Treatments
  • Post-treatment Homecare
  • Dietary & Lifestyle Corrections

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the individual, the root cause of the hair issue and the severity of the problem. With VCare’s treatments, it is possible to expect good results within 6 to 8 sessions. However, if the hair issue is very serious, additional sessions might be required.

VCare has a wide range of treatments that work well in reversing your acne scars. Our microneedling, green peel, chemical peels and laser treatments are the best treatments for acne scars.

Hair loss can sometimes be a sign of underlying health issues or conditions. It can be associated with medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and scalp infections

Dark spots can be treated by various treatments at VCare like Melano Break, Ultra-whitening Therapy, facial peels and carbon laser peel.

One of the primary reasons for dandruff is the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus. Other factors contributing to dandruff include dry skin, sensitivity to hair care products, hormonal changes, certain medical conditions, and poor hygiene.

Yes, VCare uses US FDA-approved equipment to deliver treatments that meet international standards of quality and safety.

VCare will analyse the root cause of your hair problems and customise treatments to treat your specific issue and promote hair growth. We also offer lifestyle adjustments aimed at improving your hair health and overall well-being.

At VCare, our treatments depend on the number of sessions and treatments taken. Our treatments offer long-lasting solutions to hair issues and are formulated with the best ingredients. Our procedures make use of highly advanced technology to offer the best results for our clients.

While the results of our skin whitening treatments are not permanent, they offer long-lasting outcomes that can be maintained if proper aftercare, as instructed by our skin care experts, is followed.

VCare uses advanced cool tip laser technology, which is precise and painless in laser hair removal. Along with the treatment, proper homecare is provided which helps in achieving the results faster, making VCare the best hair removal clinic.