Why Hair Loss In Men Is Common?

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Being a natural aspect; you don’t have to fear over some hair follicles shedding off. The reason for hair fall might include several factors like mineral deficiency, diet, stress, genetics, and pollution. Even wearing a cap and helmet regularly can be a major reason for hair fall in men. 

Due to several types of hair loss, to search out the root cause is quite challenging. Here in this blog, you will be able to know about the highest factors that are lying behind the reasons for hair loss on the natural unscarred scalp. The term used medically for the loss of hair is alopecia. 

The majority of hair loss is not connected with the regular or internal disease, nor is a malnutrition diet the reason. The hair may mostly thin out as the outcome of your genetic factors and mostly due to your increasing age. Men and women, in particular, begin to notice slight thinning of hair beginning in their thirty’s and forty’s. The other general reasons also include illness, soul trauma, derivation of protein and hormonal variation during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause result in heavy hair loss. 

 Various health conditions, May it is thyroid or iron deficiency, anemia, and syphilis can cause severe hair loss. The tests for thyroid and other lab tests like blood count might remain normal for a person with hair loss so it’s very crucial to find out what is the cause for the hair loss.       

Hair loss can be identified in numerous ways. The major step is to first find if the hair loss is due to the loss of hair follicles or physical destruction. If you can find the scalp appear as usual and with exceeding hair follicles, it is widely known as non-scarring hair loss. The critical cases would be the permanent destruction of the hair follicles. When a person has physical and chemical damage to the hair shaft, it results in nonscarring hair loss because of breakage.  Rarely, it may be essential to do a biopsy of the scalp to differentiate these conditions.  The doctor may examine a hair to notice the nature of the hair shaft and the percentage of the growing hairs.

 At Vcare, our Trichologist will share various treatment options that may include 


    1. Hair detoxification

    2. Low light laser therapy

    3.  Scalp exfoliation

    4.  Stress Therapy Treatments

    5.  Topical Solutions


Moreoverour Trichologist will work with other medical professionals and nutritional experts to develop a hair loss solution plan that is customized just for you. Our qualified Trichologist will give you an in-depth consultation that includes a digital microscopic analysis of your hair and your scalp. We will provide you with guidelines on diet and lifestyle changes that may help manage your disorder.