Post-covid Rejuvenation Program

The aftermath of covid is a vital matter of concern to be taken care of and given proper treatment right from the time any illness or discomfort is diagnosed. Doctors have addressed that it is essential to keep a close watch on our body post-covid as they are prone to minor and major troubles if left casual.

Post covid conditions are found in recovered covid patients, which is expected to last from 4 weeks to even months in some cases. Conditions include tiredness, loss of smell and taste, muscle and joint aches, fast heartbeats, chest pain, distractions, difficulty in concentration and memory.

More severe effects include internal organ damages like swelling in the body parts and autoimmune syndrome where our antibodies attack the healthy cells deceiving it to be chronic. Apart from physical effects, the recovered patients are prone to undergo stress disorders.

With this in mind and to take an active part in our community well-being, we have come up with the Post-Covid rejuvenation program (PCRP). VCare, as always, is grounded to care for our people’s healthy and happier life and is effectively working towards fulfillment. Our PCRP is curated to ease those battling the after-effects of Covid and leads them to a healthy and lasting lifespan. 

PCRP - An exclusive initiative entirely focused on the covid recovery patient to make them aware of any impending ailments in their body by providing a complete checkup followed by,

  • Medical assistance from experienced doctors, inclusive of scheduling sessions with the most trusted labs, in case any screening is needed.

  • Diet and wellness advice from expert nutritionists will guide you with mindful eating, a meal plate essential, lifestyle changes, and dietary corrections.

  • Proven supplements to boost immunity and enhance the recovery process sooner and, most notably, the best.

  • Home equipment assistance for a regular body vitals check to monitor even the micro-level changes as a safety measure.
  • Steady telephonic support from our consultants for 6 months post the first consultation to build moral strength with the patient and walk throughout the transformation.

By choosing to fight the post covid impact with us, we will be targeting on,

  • Regenerating the lost body strength

  • Boost and enhance immune levels

  • An overall repair and rejuvenation of the body – internally and externally

  • Providing moral support and help in overcoming stress

  • Protecting the mental and physical health

  • Extending our equipment aid at your doorstep
  • Extending our consultant assistance until complete recovery

Better now than never. When it comes to our body and mind, it should never be taken insensitive as it might develop into something serious just when we feel fine. And Covid-19 has taken a severe toll to prove that anytime could be the last time. Now that you have recovered from the covid disaster, it is always better to examine and maintain a routine check on the repaired body.

If you face any post-covid discomfort or any fears running behind, do not hesitate to call us at  +91 7092525252, and we are always one call away. VCare Cares!