Published on May 07 2022 | By Dharani Senthilkumar


Following a hair care routine for healthy and hygienic hair health is essential in summer or winter.

Our scalp becomes more prone to dandruff and scalp disorders during extreme heat and extreme cold. Or even when we sweat, there are chances of infection that will cause irresistible itching and embarrassment.

Hair rejuvenation treatment is popular for its abundance of relaxation and rejuvenation to the scalp. However, a scalp facing too much trouble out of pollution, dirt, dust, and excess oil or dryness demands therapy to regain its lost strength.


A damaged scalp appears to be more dry and brittle, losing its natural shine and strength. And there are instances where people even face severe hair fall at times. Sudden hair loss could be a condition of diffused hair loss or hair thinning. Diffused hair loss can happen due to sudden hormonal fluctuations, stress disorders, etc.

For cases where people are facing severe hair fall, Platelet-rich plasma therapy will be a more suitable option. PRP is VCare’s signature therapy to treat hair thinning conditions and diffused hair loss.

Apart from treating hair disorders, hair rejuvenation treatment will also be a soothing factor in today’s stressful lifestyle. The procedure involved in this therapy, from scrubbing to massages with aromatic oils and protein packs, will get you to another level of relaxation apart from benefitting the hair.

In a sense, this therapy can be taken even for relaxing the scalp and hair.


The therapy carries great benefits by,

  • Clearing scalp disorders like dandruff by removing the excess oil and dirt present on the scalp.
  • Enhancing the blood circulation to the scalp. When proper blood circulation is ensured to the hair follicles, there is scope for better hair growth.
  • Preventing further hair fall by strengthening the roots of existing hair.
  • Reviving the damaged follicles brings more potential for lustrous hair growth.

Sounds promising? That’s how our clients feel about us as well. Here’s a video about the benefits of our Hair rejuvenation therapy.


A proper consultation will be undertaken post to which the therapy will be given to the clients. It is a 90-minute procedure with up to 6 sessions that requires no downtime. Apart from the therapy, the consumption of supplements as prescribed by our doctors is also essential to attain the complete results you may desire.

When it comes to hair and skin, while topical treatments have their own share of providing benefits, the intake of nourishing foods and supplements is equally important.

That’s where VCare’s holistic approach takes a higher stand in rendering a wholesome service to our clients.

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