Common Causes of Hair Fall

Here are the Common Causes of Hair Fall & some tips on how you can avoid Hair loss without using Chemicals.

A healthy scalp of hair is made up of around 100,000 hairs, with approximately 100 strands being shed each day. Suddenly, losing much more than that is a sign that there are underlying issues. We are identifying four common reasons for excessive hair fall. 


1)      Nutritional Deficiency: 




A well-balanced diet towards healthy and long hair is necessary. With the necessary minerals, proteins and vitamins, one’s hair is bound to shine as their confidence. Eating foods rich in nutrition goes a long way towards protecting one’s hair in terms of quality and quantity. 


2)      Emotional Trauma




    With the current changes in the lifestyle, one’s bound to take in additional stress. One must also bring change to their habits – avoid smoking     and consumption of harmful materials, engage in mediation, and de-stress to the fullest extent to restore hormonal balance. 


3)      Hormonal Changes


When one passes from one stage to the other in their life, the hormonal levels in their body will alternate. As the levels change, it has an impact on their physical and mental health. To avoid this situation, one has to de-stress, engage in a nutritional diet, and mediation. 


4)      Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is known as gradual hair loss. It is caused due to the pulling force applied to the hair. This is due to the tight ponytails, or modern hairstyles. This commonly results in hair loss in a particular region as a lot of force is applied there. Avoid hairstyles that are tight to the scalp and cause harm to the follicles. 



 Here are a few ways you can improve the health of your hair, without using chemicals. 


1)      Enrich diet with protein



It is crucial to have a rich nutritious diet to keep the hair healthy. To ensure the hair long, thick, and lustrous, various minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids are required to improve the health of the hair. 


2)      Scalp massage with essential oils



 Consult your doctor and understand the underlying issue of your hair loss. Apply the natural oils on your scalp to promote and facilitate quality growth. 


3)      Keep yourself hydrated




A hydrated body stays away from various illnesses. Water comes to the rescue! It is crucial to keep the hair shaft hydrated. Drink eight cups a day and keep your water levels high. 



4)      Know what is bad for hair



 Know the good and bad for your hair and scalp. There are various do’s and don’ts that one must follow. Visit VCare to receive carefully curated steps for your hair that will help you in the long run! 


5)      Physical activity



Engage yourself in physical activity and mediation to keep your physical and mental health at a high level. It is imperative to understand that one’s emotion has a direct impact on the quality of hair. Do not over-exert and engage in strenuous activities, keep yourself occupied and healthy. 



6)      De-stress


With times evolving and advancement of technology, one is bound to throw themselves in the pool of stress. Stress leads to hormonal imbalance which has a terrible impact on the growth and health of your hair. Learn a new hobby, enhance your skillset – de-stress yourself from all the negative energy to keep yourself healthy. 


7)      Avoid Constant heating & drying



Avoid artificial machinery equipment direct usage on your hair. The strands are delicate and they deserve to be treated with the utmost care. Harsh chemicals, excess heat on the surface of your hair cause it to get brittle and weak, thereby, increasing breakage and hair loss. 


8)      Change how you style your hair 



Avoid harsh hairstyles that cause harm to your roots and follicles. Tight ponytails, hard hair bands, and multiple braids weaken the roots and cause scalp abnormalities. This results in severe hair fall. 


While VCare has provided points on WHY hair fall is caused and various ways on how to tackle the issue in a natural manner, we do insist on regular check-ups. One must understand that in stressful times like this, one is bound to take the pressure. With that being said, schedule an appointment with VCare cause We Care for Your Hair. Our wide array of experts will curate the best solutions for your unique hair.