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It is likely that everyone knows a person who has undergone the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer and having to be treated by chemotherapy. It’s also common knowledge that one of its side effects can be hair loss. The disease, so distressing in itself, gives further distress and anxiety when one of the most upsetting side effects of treatment is loss of hair.


Chemotherapy describes any treatment where ‘chemical’ agents are given intravenously. With cancer, the chemicals given during chemotherapy are used to destroy cancer cells, but these drugs can also have a toxic effect on other parts of the body and very often disrupt your natural hair growth cycle.

Chemotherapy can cause your hair to bypass the normal shedding (telogen) phase, and come out excessively in the hairs’ growing (anagen) phase. This is called anagen effluvium and usually occurs within 4-6 weeks of starting treatment. However, some chemotherapy never causes hair loss.


Cold caps are tightly bandaged ice packs around the head. They inhibit the flow of the chemical therapy around your head and so limit the flow of chemicals to the scalp and hair capillaries. Some hair may still fall out, but not to the extent of near-baldness. However, cold caps can be unbearably uncomfortable and many find the amount of hair saved does not warrant using them.


Individuals undergoing chemotherapy sometimes prefer to completely shave their heads before their treatments to gain a sense of control. It’s often less distressing to do this as hair fall is not as obvious and isn’t actively seen.

VCare’s Cosmetic Hair Replacement is the best bet to look very natural and there are a wider range of different colors and textures to choose from. Wearing artificial hair replacements won’t inhibit hair growth, as they are porous skin which let your scalp breathe, fused to your scalp made with human virgin hair  which can be washed, styled  any ways and can swim, gym with cosmetic hair replacement which behaves like your  own hair. Your scalp tissue still contains oil and sweat glands, so even if you lose your hair or shave it off, daily shampooing is best.

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