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Modified Follicular Unit Extraction Method

Vcare’sAFT – Activated Follicular Transplant, is latest and most advanced hair transplantation procedure in India.

  • It is a patented procedure.
  • It is day care procedure
  • It is semi-automated procedure done using rotary machine and a specialised device to implant the follicles. 
  • It is unique because of the amalgamation of hair transplantation with PRP and stem cells. It is the first time that all 3 technologies used in a single procedure, both in India and the world. 
  • It is very simple surgery done under local anaesthesia.
  • Before AFT, our trichologistwill check the scalp and decide the treatment plan for the surgery and pass on the complete details to the performing surgeon, which is all done by our own online portal system.


After all the pre-operative formalities are done, our trained and well experienced hair transplant assistantsundertake the hair trimming.Our even step trimming is done based upon the demand or requirement of the client.

Local anaesthesia is infiltrated on the donor site and recipient site to numb the area.

We use disposable titanium punches and a rotary machine to remove the predetermined number of follicles. This is followed by extraction of the blood for PRP. The extracted follicles are soaked in PRP and stem cells, so that the follicles are activated even outside the human body.

Implantation is done with specialised implanters. The beauty of using implanters are,

  • Complete control on alignment and depth of placement of the follicles. This gives the best and most natural looking hairs.
  • Less bleeding because there's no cut involved as seen in other kind of hair transplantations.
  • Faster recovery
  • No scars

Post care

  • It is given for 4 days
  • It includes antibiotics, pain killer and antacid.
  • Washing of donor can be done from 1st post-operative day and washing of recipient area can be done from 4th post-operative day.
  • Initially newly implanted hairs fall off and start to grow again from the second or third month post the oepration.
  • Hair growth therapy can be started from the 30thday post operation.


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