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Skin Whitening

Full body whitening

Full body whitening is done by enhancing the entire body shading through IV infusions of Super Antioxidant mixed drinks. Antioxidant cocktails are called as mother of all anti oxidants. An ant oxidant is a molecule that represses the oxidation of different particles. It is a compound required as a coenzyme in oxidation-lessening responses in cells. It is a tripeptide got from glutamic corrosive, cysteine and glysine. Super Antioxidant mixed drinks are actually delivered by the liver. It is additionally found in organic products, vegetables and dinners.

  • Super Antioxidant cocktails are made of amino acids blend. It gives advantages to skin such that poisons expulsion from the body.
  • Works quicker than whatever other corrective items.
  • Best for help the skin, enhances the sparkle of skin and surface of skin.
  • Reduces scars, pigmentation and lines giving clear and smooth skin.
  • Prevents ulceration.

Even from the main infusion use, individuals can see the distinction on their skin within a week. The skin brightening process incorporates skin tone changes and finishes with skin gleam and supple. It gives new reawakened skin and dampness superior to anything utilizing creams and salves.

It is an intrusive strategy, to be infused into the body through IV or IM. Time taken for the methodology is 30 minutes. A super Antioxidant mixed drink alongside Vatic is blended in 100ml of Normal Saline dribble is infused in the vein of the patient up to 25-30 minutes. After the system request that the customer apply sunscreen necessary and maintain a strategic distance from presentation to sun.


Side impacts connected with these infusions?

There are no symptoms with these infusions.

In how many sessions would I be able to see full body shading change?

Sessions depends upon evaluation of skin colour.Minimum of 6-8 sessions required to begin seeing noticeable changes.

How long the strategies will takes?

IV strategy takes least of 20-30 minutes.

Who are not the perfect persons for this treatment?

Pregnant ladies Lactating mother, patients on hostile to crazy drug, chemotherapy and the persons who have improbable desires.

Time interim between infusions?

Weekly once this session must be taken upto a time of 3-4 months as endorsed likewise by the Doctor, to accomplish expected results


A chemical peel can diminish many signs of pigmentation on the face as well as the hands, neck, and chest. Before getting a chemical peel, some clients need to follow a pre-peel skin care plan for 2 to 4 weeks. This plan can improve results and reduce potential side effects...Read more

Treatable Area

  • Face
  • Under Arm / Arms
  • Black Neck / Back
  •  Full Body Whitening

Home Care:

Stem Cells Whitening Kit

This treatment administration is for pigmentation spots and dim skin. Brightening Cell Therapy helps dull spots and enhance skin composition inside a brief timeframe outline. The saved melanin shade will be broken down and encourage generation of melanin is restrained and this makes you look more attractive in around 3-6 months.

Post Laser Cream


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