Grow Hair Bio Stimulation Therapy

Grow hair biostimulation therapy: Rejuvenate your hair loss

Grow Hair Biostimulation Therapy (GHBT)

Hair loss occurs in more than 80% of men and in approximately 40% of women.

 Advance treatment GHBT,      

Grow hair biostimulation therapy is the most advanced haircare treatment rejuvenating hair cells to life, enhancing quicker multiplication of cells and thicker new hair development. The doctor performs a physical examination of the scalp. For the conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and Diffused Hair Loss (DHL), our specialized Biocell hair growth (stem cell therapy) is given. The substances are composed of Plant stem cells (Argan), Growth factors, Biomimetic peptides and Cosmeceuticals which are highly beneficial in hair regrowth. All the ingredients are Nano-encapsulated and hence it can penetrate till subcellular level and hair growth is promoted through angiogenesis.

It converts early telogen to the anagen phase, Restructures the scalp and standardizes the sebaceous gland, overcoming dandruff and dry hair. It stops male pattern baldness and invigorates the development of healthy hair. Strengthens the foundations of hair and counteract hair fall. It enters till subcellular level and builds the dissemination and along these lines improving oxygen and supplement supply to the follicles.

Note: The entire the procedure is completed under 1 ½ hour from start to finish, with a total of 6 sittings (min).

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