Clinical Hair Revive Therapy

The Clinical Hair Revive Therapy’s aimed at maintaining the current hair volume and density. 

Clinical Hair Revive Therapy

Hair loss can be devastating in its normal effects. People suffering from hair loss, lose confidence because of their appearance changes and feel unattractive. To regain your hair loss it is better visit VCare’s nearby clinics, our goal is to provide safest treatment procedure with advance technology that helps your hair to regrow naturally. For immediate results it is better to follow your trichologist advice strictly.              

Scalp cleansing and preparation: The first and foremost step in any scalp treatment is to cleanse the scalp of dandruff and infection causing microorganisms, which is done in clinical hair revive therapy with help of advanced German equipments and VCare aromatherapy. These kill pathogens, enhance the microcirculation and prepare the scalp for treatment.

Note: The entire procedure is completed under 1 ½ hours from start to finish, with total 6 sittings.

This is an effective hair loss treatment that can proceed after identifying the cause of hair loss. It helps in maintaining the current hair volume and density. The useful substances such as growth factor, peptides, cosmoceuticals and aroma oil, penetrates till sub cellular level, which helps in rejuvenating the hair follicles and enhances its growth. Procedures like scrubbing, scalp oil massage, hair wash and IRR, needless mesotherapy, laser and derma roller which benefices in lowering your stress, improves blood circulation level and also prevents flaking. In VCare highly trained doctors and therapist with the help of Advanced German equipments are here to provide world class treatment and we will always deliver true value and reliability to our people.