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Vcare is an organization which strongly believes that valid scientific principles backed by technological advancements alone can provide effective solutions to various hair and skin disorders and treatments related to beauty. Each and every product and treatment introduced by Vcare has a strong development history based on this belief. This makes Vcare stand out in a unique manner in each and every arena Vcare has ventured into.
Healthy hair represents good health and any change in the body is first reflected in the hair. Negative action in the body always affects the hair so it is necessary to read hair to know the body health.Physiological status, psychological status, lifestyle, occupation influence, dietary habits etc. needs to be known. A well-defined consultation process conducted by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner gathers all their information and identifies the causes of hair loss in an accurate manner.
A consultation generally takes around 30 to 45 minutes; however it might vary depending upon individual hair condition.
Consultation is imperative as it helps to identify the root cause of the hair disorders, once the root cause is known; it is easy to provide treatment.
One can visit the clinic else can avail the E-treatment facility.
Generally anyone can avail the treatment after undergoing consultation diagnostics procedures either directly visiting the clinic or through E treatment option. However in case of some specific hair related disorder or other medical condition, treatment may not be possible. This will be clearly intimated to the client during the consultation process.
The right diagnosis is very important as it will help to offer you the right treatment. Our doctors considering various factors that include hair condition, hair loss level, lifestyle and habits will prescribe the right diagnostic technique to identify the cause.
Vcare uses the following advanced and novel diagnostics techniques for diagnosis:
  1. Microscopic Hair Analysis
  2. Trichoscan
  3. Hair Mineral Analysis
  4. Lab investigations
  5. Scalp Biopsy
Generally, most of the treatments available for hair problems globally are either based on topical treatments or allopathic drugs but this is not the case in Vcare. Vcare advocates a holistic treatment approach which constitutes topical treatment, supplement therapies, diet therapy, and lifestyle corrections all these' together offer great results which are incomparable with the results delivered by other treatments methodologies practiced worldwide.
The client can either avail the treatment at Vcare clinic or at the convenience of their home. They can either opt for clinical treatment or home care therapy; however in specific conditions, the consultants prescribe the most suitable treatment methodology.
The treatment is delivered by trained therapists under the supervision of qualified and experienced medical practitioners. Sophisticated equipment is utilized for the treatment.
This is the treatment designed exclusively to suit the needs of the people who cannot spend time to visit the clinic and undergo treatments. The treatments are based on products containing advanced treatment molecule which are mostly natural and completely free from side effects.
  1. Maximum Results
  2. Natural appearance
  3. Completely free from side effects
  4. Quick Results
  1. Biocel Hair Growth Therapy
  2. Hair Rejuvenationl Therapy
  3. Premier Hair Rejuvenation Therapy
  4. Premier Plus Hair Rejuvenation Therapy
  1. Plant Stem Cell kit
  2. Hair Revival kit
  3. Regular treatment kit
  4. Premier Plus Hair Rejuvenation Therapy
The client can opt either for clinical treatment or home treatment based on their need and convenience. Depending on his choice, the consultant will explain in detail the process and the benefits of each and every treatment option along with other details like treatment duration, benefits, quantum of results, treatment cost, etc. Based on this, the client can choose the most appropriate treatment methodologies easily.

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